PayDay Management System | Design system | Prototyping

About Project

The PayDay Management System is an online solution that helps small to medium-sized enterprises manage salary payment of their staff by automating payments, it also helps document and audit the entire salary payment process.

What was the problem?

At the start of the second month when the lockdown started due to the pandemic, almost all business went remote or had to come up with a skeletal model of operation — which included banks. This affected business, especially small and medium-sized businesses as they could not easily access the banks to make salary payments. Some businesses had to resolve to cash payment while some delayed salary payments till they could find a means of payment. The challenges with both options were:

  • Delayed payments were so much of the inconvenience for staff members who solely relied on their monthly wages for survival.
  • Cash payments was not a very safe option, especially for large sums.

With these problems in view, a solution was needed — an automated system of payment that allowed the business to pay their workers without having to go to the bank. This platform would allow businesses to create an account, populate it with their workers and information, fund the platform for automatic payment on a scheduled date.


Since the solution is targetted at small and medium-sized businesses, I started with a very simple platform with less than 5 pages but with the possibility of scaling up to handle larger enterprises. I was able to come up with the following goals with which the platform could startup:

  1. Simplicity and ease of use.
  2. Ability to manage staff members with a few clicks.
  3. Manage, audit and automate salary payments.
  4. Send payment slips to works after successful payments.
  5. Fund payment wallet, be notified when funds are running low.
  6. View payment logs — failed, pending and successful transactions.
  7. Highly secured platform

Information architecture


I wanted to come up with a solution as fast as possible but also having in mind that despite the fact that this platform is targetted at smaller and medium-sized companies, it also has the potential of scaling up rapidly to suit larger companies.

Scaling up? I would need to put a system in place that would allow future team members to easily modify original designs without compromising on uniformity — I designed a system in place to handle colours, typography, icons, buttons, tables, cards, errors and many others. This system would be flexible enough to allow for modifications and updates in future.

I was able to easily move from mid-fidelity to high fidelity with the use of this system


With a solid and flexible design system in place, it would not be a hassle to scale up from the current design to a bigger one.

PayDay Management System is a passion project. If you intend to, especially as a developer, implement this — you could reach me via Email.